Earth to Mars is a collection of Online Marketing and Branding related  articles and videos.

Earth to Mars is a blog about online marketing and branding. There are all sorts of articles and videos for you, whether you want to know more about about various marketing techniques, marketing technology or just want to read about some of the interesting and sometimes crazy experiences I’ve had with top marketers and gurus. Also you’ll find very useful tutorials about tactical tools and strategies and practical application in your business.

One of the goals of Earth to Mars is to be an open channel to those interested in online marketing, both as a way to grow their business and to improve their life. The site is designed to encourage feedback. The Daily Question is an example of that. Everyone is encouraged to submit questions. The answers to these can ultimately be shared with the community.




Founded by Mars, EarthToMars.com follows Mars’ experimentations and records his journeys in online marketing. Mars is not a “natural” Lucid Dreamer. He began Lucid Dreaming after his mother died in 2008. The Luxid Lab blog was created thanks to

ed thanks to the urging of his friends, students and research subjects. Many of these individuals began Lucid Dreaming quickly after working with Mars at his research facility near Boulder Colorado. The blog is set to be a hub of conversations amongst thought leaders in spheres of Lucid Dreaming Mental Techniques, Technology and Herbal and Natural Substances.

“The blog’s name is a combination of “lux” + “lucid”..

“Lux” is the standard international measure of light.

“Lucid” means clear and is drawn from the concept of lucid dreaming.

The combination of these two is meant to transmit the idea that Luxid Lab is not only about how Lucid Dreaming can be done predictably on demand, but how Lucidity can affect the waking reality in a measurable way as well.


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